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Food & Spirits at the Corner
Old School Sour with apricot, blackberry,
cherry, peach, amaretto, grape, or melon.
Zombie Killer
When you’re cornered and your crossbow is out of arrows. Cherry vodka, apricot brandy, pineapple and orange juice, shaken over ice and topped with 151 rum.
Poco Colada
A taste of the islands. Mango vodka and tipple sec frozen with cream of coconut and pineapple juice. (non-alcoholic version available.)

Granny Smith approved. Apple pucker, a dash of sour, and vodka served up.

How could Carrie be wrong? Cranberry, triple sec, and vodka with a dash of sweet lime.

Bond, James Bond. Smirnoff 100, Lillet Blanc, served up with a lemon twist.

Love Potion
You’ll fall under its spell. Light rum, passion fruit rum, cranberry, orange juice, topped with 151 Rum.

Moonshine: Virginia Sunrise
Moonshine, smuggled in from the backwoods, orange juice, served on the rocks with a dash of grenadine.
Fish Bowl
Light rum, pineapple run, blue curacao, sour, and lemon lime soda atop a bed of Nerds rocks swimming with gummy Swedish Fish. No goldfish were harmed in the production of this drink.
(non-alcoholic version available.)
Light rum, banana rum, triple sec, grenadine, sour lemon lime soda, and pineapple served in a giant scorpion bowl, topped with 151 rum. Getting stung never tasted so good.
(non-alcoholic version available.)
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