Wholesale FAQ

Wholesale FAQ's


What is Rayís Italian Water Ice?

Rayís Italian Water Ice is a classic Philadelphia style Italian Water Ice. We make ice daily for our retail stores as well as custom produced batches for our wholesale customers.

How is Italian Ice different from Snow Cones and Shave Ice?

Our Italian Water Ice starts with water, sugar, extracts and flavorings frozen in a batch freezer, which gives our ice a velvety smooth texture with intense fruit flavors.  Snow cones and shave ice start with shards of ice and bottled flavors simply poured over the top.

Is Rayís a Franchise?

No, we are a privately owned and family run business with two retail locations, in Richmond, Va.

Do You Make Sugar Free Italian Water Ice?

Yes, we do make Sugar Free Ices.  We use a combination of Maltitol, aspartame and splenda.

Does Rayís Italian Water Ice contain Dairy?

No, on the chocolate Italian Ice contains trace amounts of dairy because we use milk chocolate syrup to make it.

How is the Italian Water Ice Packed?

We use a 2.5 gallon translucent round plastic container, for easy flavor identification.

How is each batch identified?

Each 2.5 gallon tub is labeled with product ingredients, batch number and date of production.

Can I Customize Flavors?

Yes, each of our customers has a specific flavor profile which we will work with you to develop.

How is Italian Water Ice Stored?  What is the Shelf Life?

The Italian Water Ice should be stored at or below zero. This will help to extend the serving life.  At zero or below, it will easily last six months without any deterioration of texture. Serving temperatures will vary between 12 and 18 degrees depending on your application.  You will see a noticeable change in the size of the ice crystals after about a week, when stored at serving temperatures. Remember, we donít use a large amount of base and other additives, so our ice remains a true Italian Water Ice, not a sherbet like derivative.

What Allergy Warnings are present?

All of our products are labeled with peanut and other tree nut as well as egg and dairy warnings.

Is Private Labeling Available?

Yes, we will label according to your specifications.

Is there Point of Sale Support?

Yes, we will supply posters and menu flavor boards.

Are there Other Uses for Italian Water Ice?

Yes, itís great for mixed drinks in a bar or club atmosphere, fund raising events, parties, swim meets, etcÖ

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